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Nega is not just another beauty brand.

Our mission is to redefine the concept of luxury cosmetics and create the best beauty products for women, accessible to all.
Our products are made by women for women because we know exactly what we need. So we decided to start a revolution in the world of women's beauty, product after product.
We believe luxury beauty should mean the highest quality ingredients, developed in a formula that brings out your natural beauty. Bringing amazing results that make you feel confident in your body. Products that have been tested to perfection by women, in a 100% animal friendly way. Luxurious products that are accessible to all women.
By using the most exclusive ingredients in the beauty world, grown locally, we are able to offer products that define our luxury standard, deliver amazing results while being fairly priced.
With the best formula, there are no custom recipes. So we take the time to develop them one at a time to solve as many problems as possible, with as few products as possible.
We started with hair and developed 1 perfect formula that solves all hair problems, from root to tip, for all hair types. Nega hair mask does it all and makes for a #goodhairday - every day.
Moving on to summer skin care and one revolutionary product that will change the way your skin feels forever. Nega Tan Revolution is a 100% natural fluid for faster and more intense tan after your first tan, developed by women for women in Slovenia. It helps you develop an even natural tan faster than ever before, and the light texture gives your skin everything it needs before and during sunbathing for best and long-lasting results. It provides a radiant tan that hides all insecurities and makes you feel the most comfortable in your skin!